Every patient deserves a team of professionals who not only cares, but who listens to the patient’s situation, does not immediatly blame parenting skills as the cause of adolescent behaviors,and helps to find solutions.  It is our contention that every condition can be improved upon when addressed appropriately and that no one should be made to feel that he or she has nowhere to turn.

South Florida Psychiatric Associates (SFPA) is located in Aventura, Florida.  It has been providing services for the community of south Florida for more than 25 years and has developed a reputation for working with the most difficult to manage patients, many of whom may not have had success with ordinary treatment regimens.  Through a specialized assessment and treatment program, professionals at SFPA focus on the identification of underlaying neurophysiological causes to help decide upon treatment needs, an approach that leads to and results in our patients’ success.

Anyone will benefit from SFPAs approach to behavioral issues. The approach is designed for anyone who feels his or her life, or the life of a loved one, is out of control.  Adolescent patients who have always been difficult to treat often show the most dramatic changes in behavior and thus their life situation greatly improves.

All of us experience great frustration when those important to us seem to have “no hope” of improvement or an apparent place to turn for help.  SFPA uses innovative approaches to diagnose and treat the patient who has experienced numerous disappointments using traditional approaches.  We apply EEG and sensory evoked measures to understand clinically relevant patterns associated with problematic behavior.  Our treatment team thoroughly assesses the individual and then develops an integrated approach based upon the patient’s treatment specific needs.

    • An understanding of why a person acts, or reacts the way he or she does
    • An understanding of how you or your loved one can change and improve relationships and life
    • An understanding of how the patient can best learn and be taught
    • The benefit of compassionate and skilled professionals willing to listen and discuss with patients and their families possible solutions to some of their frustrations.

Following the initial evaluation, the patient can be assisted through medication management and a variety of methods of family and individual therapy.

SFPA is staffed with fully licensed, experienced professionals from disciplines including psychiatry, clinical psychology, and psychiatric nursing.

Prior to scheduling an appointment for an initial evaluation and testing, each patient’s insurance information is thoroughly verified in order to determine the current status of both psychiatric and major medical benefits of any applicable insurance coverage.  Patient deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance amounts are also determined at this time, so that prior to any assessment and treatment, the patient and/or patient’s family has a clear picture of financial responsibility.

In the event the insured patient receives treatment, all claims would be filed with the patient’s insurance carrier as assigned claims, and any applicable out-of-pocket costs attributed to the patient are payable and collected at the time services are rendered.

For patients who have no applicable insurance coverage, the out-of-pocket cost for the initial evaluation (i.e. the psychiatric evaluation) is $350.00.  The cost of any subsequent comprehensive neurodiagnostic testing, which includes quantitative electroencephalography and evoked potentials, as well as psychological testing, will be determined on an individual basis.

SFPA can be reached by calling 305-935-6060, by faxing us at 305-935-1717, or by e-mailing us at aventuraoffices@bellsouth.net.  Our professionals are always happy to answer any questions you may have or to assist you in scheduling an appointment for an assessment.

South Florida Psychiatric Associates, Inc.
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Aventura, FL 33180
Telephone: 305-935-6060
Fax: 305-935-1717